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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Eating Like a 1st Century Palestinian

Hey, folks - long time. Sorry to my many fans who've missed me, especially you friends down in Tampa (who I smelled on some of the kids when they got home last weekend. It got me pretty excited, if you know what I mean.)

One of those kids just took me out back for my favorite game, the game of Kings - Frisbee. And so I was pretty spent and hungry afterwards and laid down to eat.

Reclining to eat is much easier on the digestive system than sitting up and eating. I learned this from my study of ancient civilizations. It's the way the Romans did it, the residents of Palestine way back in Bible times, and other smart and industrious peoples.

Speaking of Palestine - how about that Hamas? Crazy m-f-ers, aren't they? Just kidding. I love all people. I have no politics. I'm a damned dog! And I love me some Frisbee and some dry chunks of supposed "food." Not really. I hate this crap, but it's all they give me. I've learned to deal.


- Roman


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