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Friday, March 03, 2006

I Love Walls

Unlike Brick in Anchorman, I do not just randomly see things and declare my love for them. I really do love walls. Here I am exhibiting my unabashed love of a wall. I will likely try to eat a hole in it later.

I have not posted in this thing for a long time. My apologies to my legions of fans.

Been to the vet recently. He recommends the removal of my manhood. I disagree. He says , "It will calm him down and make him less skittish." Yeah, I'm sure. But don't confuse "depressed to the point of death," with "calm." Skittish? Dude, if you were denied access to all the fine young tail that is swarming around my neighborhood, you'd be at the very least "skittish" and more likely "insane."

Did I mention I hate vets? But this guy is pretty cool. Rides a Harley and gives me treats out the wazoo. (And he also treats my wazoo. Sorry - a little dog humor there.)


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