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Monday, August 22, 2005

Black and White

I made a radical decision. Even though I use a digital camera, I'm going to take all of my photos into Photoshop and desaturate them, giving my blog an "old-world" look. I dig the old world, ya know? Life was simpler then. Of course they didn't have air conditioning and cool stuff like that.

But back then, people always fed their dogs table scraps, which was very cool. I get the same old crap everyday; dried Pedigree for dogs with digestive problems. It sucks. I want gravy and meat loaf and garlic bread and good stuff, but my master thinks that's bad for me. When he isn't looking, the kids feed me whatever they're eating. So I get to taste pizza and frosted mini-wheats and mac and cheese. Bagels and spaghetti and burgers and fries. Man, I'm hungry. And tired.


- Roman


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